9 Tour Options Available!

With such a diverse selection of tours, OceanFront Helicopters is sure to have the perfect helicopter tour just for you! Our most popular is the $20 Intro Tour, and for good reason - its the only $20 helicopter ride in town that will actually fly you over the beach! This quick tour is jam-packed with extraordinary value that's affordable on any budget!

For those looking to spend a little more time in the air, our southbound tours are perfect for those nature lovers who want to see undisturbed coastline and marine wildlife. The northbound tours are ideal for urban explorers looking to get a bird's-eye view of local attractions, the city center and "Golden Mile" section of beach where million dollar mansions sprawl along the coast.  

Every one of our tours go out over the beach and its not uncommon for our guests to see pods of dolphin, sea turtles and even the occasional shark! Be sure to bring your camera so you can capture all the excitement of this truly unique once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  • The ONLY $20 helicopter ride that actually takes you over the beach!
    $20 per person
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    Intro Tour
  • This tour is the perfect mix of flight time & affordability!
    $39.99 per person
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    North Beach Tour
  • See Amazing Views Of Local Wildlife & The State Park!
    $45.99 per person
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    South Beach Tour
  • coastline tour with views of local attractions and the new boardwalk!
    $59.99 per person
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    Broadway Tour
  • An extended south-bound tour with views of local wildlife & coastal marshlands!
    $59.99 per person
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    Garden City Tour
  • travel to the "golden mile" where beachfront property starts at $5 million!
    $79.99 per person
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    Myrtle Beach Tour
  • This is the ultimate beach tour!
    $99.99 per person
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    Apache Tour
  • this is the ultimate nature lover's tour!
    $129.99 per person
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    Inlet Tour
  • spare no expense - this tour is the best of the best!
    $179.99 per person
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    Grand Tour