OUR $20 Helicopter Ride


If you want to fly over the beach for just $20, there's only one choice - OceanFront Helicopters! Because we're located one short block from the beach, all nine of our tours are able to take you to the beach for breath-taking views of Myrtle Beach oceanic wildlife and the surrounding area. Additionally, we are South Carolina's oldest & largest helicopter tour operator, have a perfect safety record spanning over 20 years, and are the original innovators of the $20 helicopter beach tour!

Why pay $20, only to look down at the tops of buildings when you can fly with us and take in miles of gorgeous coastline and ocean stretching off into the horizon! Book your $20 helicopter tour with OceanFront Helicopters and get ready to experience the excitement of taking your first selfie from 900 feet above sea level!

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  • Family Friendly

    Family vacation is all about creating memories that last a lifetime. Our helicopter tours are an experience you and your family will cherish forever – The pictures are pretty sweet too!

  • 100% Perfect Safety Record

    We’ve been providing aerial tours of Myrtle Beach for over 20 years & take great pride in our perfect safety record. When you fly with us you can be sure you’re in some of the most experienced hands in the helicopter industry!

  • Something for Everyone!

    With 9 tours available, we have something for everyone – nature lovers, urban explorers, thrill seekers, those on a budget or who spare no expense. No matter who you are, we have the perfect tour just for you! We are passionate about aviation & our greatest joy is to share that passion with you and your family!


  • The ONLY $20 helicopter ride that actually takes you over the beach!
    $20 per person
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    Intro Tour
  • This tour is the perfect mix of flight time & affordability!
    $39.99 per person
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    North Beach Tour
  • See Amazing Views Of Local Wildlife & The State Park!
    $45.99 per person
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    South Beach Tour
  • coastline tour with views of local attractions and the new boardwalk!
    $59.99 per person
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    Broadway Tour
  • An extended south-bound tour with views of local wildlife & coastal marshlands!
    $59.99 per person
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    Garden City Tour
  • travel to the "golden mile" where beachfront property starts at $5 million!
    $79.99 per person
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    Myrtle Beach Tour
  • This is the ultimate beach tour!
    $99.99 per person
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    Apache Tour
  • this is the ultimate nature lover's tour!
    $129.99 per person
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    Inlet Tour
  • spare no expense - this tour is the best of the best!
    $179.99 per person
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    Grand Tour

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